I drive a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Can any towing vehicle service me?

Your owners manual typically located in the glove box will outline the correct towing procedure. Most manufactures who produce 4 wheel drive vehicles recommend that they be towed with all 4 wheels off of the gound. This requires a flatbed towing vehicle. Our service fleet contains several towing vehicles of this type allowing us to service all sizes of 4 wheel drive vehicles. 

I need to move a fifth wheel travel trailer. Can you do this?

Our service fleet is equipped with the necessary safety equipment to handle most towing circumstances. In your case, we do have trucks capable of handling this exact requirement. 

Do you bill my towing insurance directly?

In some cases we are able to bill your insurance company directly. There are many however that do not allow for this. Within your insurance policy you will find the procedure outlined. Most companies require that towing benefits must be submitted and processed by the named insured. Check with your insurance agent for details. 

I have been told that my vehicle has been impounded. How do I get it back?

Releasing an impounded vehicle requires that you contact our office and submit proper paperwork and then schedule and appointment to retrieve your vehicle. You will need a state issued drivers license that matched the vehicle registration. Additionally you will need to pay any towing/storage fees attached to your vehicle at the time of pickup. Submit paperwork to dispatch@troyswreckerservice.com

Can I pick a vehicle up for someone who is unable to show up in person?

We require proof of ownership which we can validate. This may include a notarized written document allowing us to release the vehicle into someone's care other than the owner. 

Can I have a vehicle towed that doesn't belong to me away from my business?

There are laws that require certain conditions apply before towing a vehicle which doesn't belong to you. If the vehicle in question is blocking your normal operations and your property is properly posted; then you may have the vehicle towed at the owner's expense. Please note that there are many circumstances that may prohibit you from acting. Please phone our office for additional information. 

There is a vehicle parked at my property can I have it removed?

In most situations a sign is not required on private residential property and you may have the vehicle towed. 

Does an all-wheel-drive vehicle require a flatbed?

No, conventional tow trucks are capable of lifting all-wheel-drive vehicles off the ground.

Who makes up the impound fees?

All towing companies are regulated by the State of Kentucky, as well as Bullitt & Jefferson County.

What if I report my vehicle as stolen?

All towing companies are required to report all impounds immediately to local law enforcement and receive a tow report number. This prevents falsely reporting a stolen vehicle and assists owners in determining where their vehicle is located.

How long will you store a towed vehicle?

Typically, we will begin the lien sale process after 45 days of impound.

Is your impound lot secure?

Yes, we are fully lit and secured with state-of-the-art security cameras. Employees are the only individuals allowed in our lots, so you can be assured that both your vehicle and belongings are safe.



How Much Does Towing Cost?

Towing costs take into account several variables that can typically be determined over the phone before service begins. Call our 24-hr towing service dispatch center at 502-955-5955, and Troy's Wrecker Service Inc, will answer your questions, like:

How much to get a car towed?
How much does towing cost per mile?

To determine the answers, we’ll ask things like:

  • Is your towing situation an emergency?
  • Was your vehicle in an accident?
  • Where is your vehicle now?
  • Where do you want us to tow your vehicle?
  • Are the keys with the vehicle?
  • Does the vehicle run and have four operable wheels?
  • Is your vehicle specialty, for instance, oversized, carbon-fiber undercarriage or antique?
  • Is your vehicle off road?
  • Does your vehicle require any type of extraction from mud, water before it can be towed?

All of these factors can impact the cost of your tow, so it is essential we fully understand what your situation is to provide an accurate towing quote.

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