Do I have to sticker the cars for 24 hours, or can I tow them now?

The tow warning stickers are not required for a tow, they are a courtesy. However, you may want to check your lease agreement for details regarding towing.

Are you properly insured?

Yes, we are fully insured with limits that exceed state and private requirements. We do not use subcontractors.

Do you charge for your signs?

No, we provide and install tow signs at no charge.

Do you require a contract?

Kentucky State law requires that we have a signed agreement to tow away from private property. City ordinances in Bullitt & Jefferson Counties require an authorized person be on sight, and that individual is required to sign for each vehicle or vessel removed.

Where is your tow yard?

We are at 870 Old Preston Hwy N Louisville KY 40229

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with our services, we ask for a 30-day written cancellation notice. At that time, we will remove our signs as soon as possible.


How Much Does Towing Cost?

Towing costs take into account several variables that can typically be determined over the phone before service begins. Call our 24-hr towing service dispatch center at 502-955-5955, and Troy's Wrecker Service Inc, will answer your questions, like:

How much to get a car towed?
How much does towing cost per mile?

To determine the answers, we’ll ask things like:

  • Is your towing situation an emergency?
  • Was your vehicle in an accident?
  • Where is your vehicle now?
  • Where do you want us to tow your vehicle?
  • Are the keys with the vehicle?
  • Does the vehicle run and have four operable wheels?
  • Is your vehicle specialty, for instance, oversized, carbon-fiber undercarriage or antique?
  • Is your vehicle off road?
  • Does your vehicle require any type of extraction from mud, water before it can be towed?

All of these factors can impact the cost of your tow, so it is essential we fully understand what your situation is to provide an accurate towing quote.

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